Bespoke Lacquer

    1. Ever wished you could create your own shade of polish?

    to match an outfit ..

    for a special occasion ..

    or just for fun ..

    Then you're in the right place. Our Lab can create luxurious and unique shades in 5 finishes just for you. You can also name your signature polish. This also makes a perfect gift. Quick Dry, super glossy with a flat brush for flawless application.  (10 ml size)


    1. SHEER - Glossy translucent finish. Apply 3 or more layers or wear over an opaque base to achieve an opaque finish.
    2. CREME - Standard opaque nail polish finish, smooth and glossy.
    3. SATIN / PEARL - Classic smooth pearl like effect
    4. HOLOGRAPHIC RAINBOW - Linear holographic effect. Smooth to touch, magnificent dazzle when exposed to light. Effect is more prominent in darker shades but also adds a hint of dazzle to lighter shades.
    5. HOLOGRAPHIC GLITTER - Textured glitter finish. Mesmerising dazzle when exposed to light. Can be made smooth after applying top coat.
    1. A member of the team will contact you to discuss further details about your chosen shade after you have placed your order