Bespoke Lacquer


    1. Ever wished you could create your own shade of polish?

      to match an outfit ..

      for a special occasion ..

      maybe for your BFF ..

      or just for fun ..

      Then you're in the right place. Our Lab can create luxurious and unique shades in 5 finishes just for you. You can also name your polish.

    2. Quick Dry, super glossy with a flat brush for flawless application. (10 ml size) 
    1. Apply your favourite base coat to clean dry nails and let dry completely
    2. Apply 2 - 3 layers of your MYNX Polish, dry between each coat
    3. Apply your our Diamond Gloss Top Coat or try our glitzy Holographic Top Coat   
    1. Our team will contact you for more details about your preferred shade.