Mani Care & Tips

TIPS for Professional Salon Mani



Make your MYNX MANI last even longer

  • Use a cotton bud and some alcohol to remove any dirt and oil from your nails before your mani
  • Always wear a base coat before applying your polish to avoid staining 
  • File your nails, lightly buff and remove any hangnails before applying your Basecoat. 
  • Invest in our quality, chip resistant Top coat Diamond Gloss
  • Apply 1-2 even coats of your favourite MYNX polish, allow to dry between each coat 
  • Avoid getting polish on your cuticles, this will cause your polish to lift and eventually chip
  • Remember to seal the tip of your nails with your topcoat 
  • Apply cuticle oil daily to hydrate your nails
  • Re-apply a thin layer of Diamond Gloss every few days to keep your mynxmani looking fresh


Glitter Polish (Application & Removal)


  • Apply your base coat
  • Line the skin around your nails with liquid latex so it won't get covered in polish. Apply the glitter nail polish of your choice onto the edge of a makeup sponge. Dab the sponge onto your nail.
  • Peel off the liquid latex


  • Soak a small cotton ball in nail polish remover or acetone, place it directly on the nail polish, then wrap with a small strip of aluminium foil for 5 - 7 mins (note acetone can be very drying) 
  • Remove foil with a circular exfoliating motion. Remove any excess glitter with an orange stick or nail polish soaked cotton swab. Apply cuticle oil to nail and cuticle area. 


Neon Polish 

Our Neon polishes are great when worn on their own however to make them Pop even more 

  • Apply your base coat
  • Add a layer of white nail polish before applying your Neon Colour
  • Add Diamond Gloss Top Coat or Matte Top Coat to finish


Jelly Polish 

Our Jelly polishes are fun to work with. They are fast drying allowing you to create layers.

Using Chunky Glitter / Nail Art

  • Apply your base coat and let dry completely 
  • Apply one layer of your Jelly Polish
  • Before your jelly polish dries, gently place/dot a few (4) glitters or your choice of nail art on the nail using an orange stick
  • Apply another layer of Jelly Polish
  • Repeat once, placing glitter/nail art in different position on the nail
  • Apply Diamond Gloss Top Coat 

Using Nail Colour 

  • Apply your base coat and let dry completely 
  • Apply one layer of your Jelly Polish and let dry completely 
  • Drop dots of your chosen nail colour in any design on the nail and let dry completely  
  • Apply another layer of Jelly Polish
  • You can Apply Top Coat at this stage or repeat the steps to your desired finish then
  • Apply Diamond Gloss Top Coat 



Always use rubber gloves to protect your hands and mani when washing up. Store your MYNX polishes in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and Remember if your base and top coats are not great, no brand of polish will stay on your nails. We recommend using our Diamond Gloss Top coat for longer lasting manicures.